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Abakus Europe stands as a prominent network of mental mathematics and brain training institutes, boasting a substantial presence with 150 centers and a thriving community of over 5,000 students across Europe. Our commitment to educational excellence is reflected in our adoption of the latest teaching methodologies. To ensure the highest standards, our dedicated teachers undergo continuous training and updates on cutting-edge instructional techniques.   At Abakus Europe, we distinguish our courses by incorporating engaging games and brain training activities, transforming the learning process into a dynamic and memorable experience for students. As part of our strategic growth initiative, we are actively seeking passionate individuals to join us in expanding our footprint through franchise opportunities. By becoming a franchise partner with Abakus Europe, you will play a crucial role in fostering the development of children aged 4-12. Beyond being a fun and enriching educational platform, Abakus also presents a lucrative business venture. Our franchise partners benefit not only from financial gains but also from the opportunity to attract new clients, gain increased recognition, receive additional advertising through our extensive network, and enhance their overall financial position.   We extend a warm invitation for you to join our network, where education meets entrepreneurship, and together, we can contribute to the growth and development of young minds while building a successful and profitable business venture  

Our Unique Teaching Methodology:

At Abakus School, we use a unique teaching methodology that combines a teacher’s instruction, practice exercises, and interactive games to help students develop their math skills. Our experienced teachers work closely with each student to identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor the instruction to their individual needs. We also use cutting-edge technology and digital resources to provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience for our students. With our unique teaching methodology, we are confident that we can help students of all ages and skill levels improve their math abilities..
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 15 - 20 Lacs 1000 - 2000 sqft 1.4 Lacs 1=25%

Product & Services

Mental Arithmetic, Brain Fitness, Child development program.

Franchise Support

General Offerings:
Comprehensive teaching material and well-structured lesson plans provided.
Access to an exclusive online portal for additional resources.
Training sessions offered to teachers to enhance their expertise.
Marketing support to promote educational programs effectively.

Light Version:
Free training provided for 2 teachers.
A generous 25% discount on educational materials based on retail prices.

Standard Version:
Complimentary training for 5 teachers.
A substantial 35% discount on educational materials based on retail prices.

City Exclusive Version:
Free training extended to up to 10 teachers.
A significant 40% discount on educational materials based on retail prices.

Country Exclusive Version:
Complimentary training available for up to 25 teachers.
An impressive 45% discount on educational materials based on retail prices.


Establishment Year


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Investment Size

15 - 20 Lacs


1000 - 2000 Sqft

Brand Fee

3 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

1.4 Lacs

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