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About Aqua Java he brand was established in 1999, lingering on the concept of transformation. The founders wanted to transform the idea of a "hang out" into something that's more than ju st a shack which serves coffee. A desire to connect to the energy of the young and peppy as well as hold on to the dapper demeanor of the distinguished, made what Aqua Java is all about today. There is nothing cliched about Aqua Java, from its very inception. It is a place that broke all rules of the neat and the ordinary. Not only was it the first kind cafe, but also was an entertainment bulldozer when it came to introducing Pool table and an excellent selection of food and beverages. The real Espresso was brewn in the minds of people here and educating them about coffee was the most interesting thing that one could come up with.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 20 - 30 Lacs 200 - 1200 sqft 3.5 Lacs 30%

Product & Services

Cappuccino: Italian espresso with equal parts milk and milk foam.
Cafe Mocha: Decadent blend of chocolate and cappuccino sweetness.
Kit Kat Shake: A daily chocolate dose to keep the doctor away.
Mojito Blast: Refreshing mojito for a blast of flavor.
True Blue Soda: Transform any soda into an ice-cream soda.
Strawberry Soda: Turn your sodas into delightful ice-cream sodas.
Hot Chocolate Italiano: Rich hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate chips.
Crunching Java: A sip with a delightful crunch in every drop.
Assorted Pizzas: Beyond just delicious – an experience in every slice.
Devil Cheese Fondue: A paprika, cream, cheddar, parmesan & brandy fondue with Herb Bread.
Mexican Platter: Corn rice, wrap, beans, salsa, and sour cream for a taste of Mexico.
Aglio Olio: Olive oil infused with garlic, chilli flakes & fresh parsley.
Chocolate Truffle Pastry: Dark chocolate trufflicious pastry with praline layers.
Pasta Arabiata: Fresh basil, diced tomato, garlic, olive oil in spicy tomato sauce.
Risotto: Assortment of roasted veg with the option of red or white sauce.

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20 - 30 Lacs


200 - 1200 Sqft

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4 Lacs

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3.5 Lacs

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