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Established in 2011, 3 Franchises currently

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About BagMaster BagMaster is a brand under Bioway Packs Private Limited who operates 4 verticals as below: 1. NSDC training: Provides training for social entrepreneurship and skills development in paper industry. 2. Machine sales: Sells paper making machines to manufacturers & entrepreneurs. 3. Raw Materials: Sells raw materials to manufacturers. 4. Paper Bags: Sells paper bags to B2B clients. We are inviting franchise investors to either take our verticals as a separate unit or as a combination of all verticals. Our company's initiative is on a pan India basis where plastic alternative is the need of the hour.   Bag Master is a registered trade mark brand under Bio way packs pvt ltd and the machines are under the same brand. Bio way packs has a wider range of business ideas and currently Bio way packs is promoting e-platforms for buying paper bags. Bag Master takes care of all the machinery and equipment necessary for the paper carrier bag industry. Bio way packs is extending its initiative across India where a plastic alternative is the need of the hour, especially in view of the plastic materials used uniquely, the majority of which are plastic carry bags. As environmental awareness is growing, the paper bag industry is leapfrogging the growth rates and evading the limits of progression.  


Bioway visualises contributions to creating a greener planet and fulfils the promise made to the environment – Save the Planet the Green way


Bioway’s vision is growth through participation and networking.


Bioway’s mission is unique in spirit and articulated with inherent themes:

(i) fulfilling the promise to the environment by developing environmentally friendly products and services

(ii) Creating employable and self-reliant individuals who bring about social change.

(iii) Transferring growth through innovation, renovation, invention and development.

(iv) Revolutionising social change through social media and developing new concepts.

Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 15 - 30 Lacs 200 - 1000 sqft 7 Lacs 66%

Product & Services

Social Enterprise Focus:
Committed to sustainable development without harming nature, operating as a social enterprise.

Quality Assurance:
Dedicated to ensuring each bag meets client specifications with stretchable, high-quality raw materials.

Employment Generation:
Focused on creating widespread employment with low investment for entrepreneurs, uplifting living standards.

Timely Delivery:
Efficient logistics for on-time delivery across India, adhering to specified lead times.

Cluster Formations:
Emphasizing mass production through manufacturing clusters for competitiveness and efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Approach:
Exclusive use of environmentally sustainable materials, such as recycled paper for craft paper.

Gift a Livelihood Program:
Donors can contribute to uplifting families by funding initiatives, and the organization ensures transparent progress

Value for Money:
Paper bags with high aesthetic value, leveraging a unique manufacturing process for cost-effective production and offering customers the best product at an optimal cost.

Franchise Support

Expertise in the Field:
Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

Successful Business Model:
Established and proven business model.

Technology Transfer:
Offering technology solutions integral to our success.

Support Services:
Providing comprehensive support for replicating the business model.

Knowledge Sharing:
Sharing insights and best practices for successful implementation.

Strategic Assistance:
Guiding partners in adopting and adapting our successful practices.

Collaborative Growth:
Fostering partnerships to expand the reach and impact of the business model.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

15 - 30 Lacs


200 - 1000 Sqft

Brand Fee

2 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

7 Lacs

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