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- Brainwonders is an innovative firm with a focus on the application of the Dermatoglyphic theory. We use our extensive experience and technology to offer cutting edge DMIT based evaluation tests.   - We have over 200 clients including corporate clients and educational institutions. We also offer our IQ and Psychometric tests to individuals along with our counselling services.   - With the DMIT analysis, our analysts are able to discover the inborn intelligence of each child and the best way they could approach learning.   - We have built a strong reputation and are now looking to offer our services to more people by franchising into new territories.   - Average price of a report which includes the tests and counselling sessions is close to INR 8,000. Undertaking merely 12 to 13 clients per month would cumulate to INR 1,00,000 revenue at each franchisee.   DMIT assessment: Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is done for children & individuals of different age groups, revealing their innate qualities by analyzing their 10 fingerprints. The assessment is backed up the science of "Dermatoglyphics", a 200yr old science, which is well researched and globally accepted. We help in analyzing the below parameters-
  • Inborn Talents/ Strengths
  • Personality Type
  • Preferred Learning Style
  • Best Hobby/Hobbies
  • Multiple Intelligence
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 2 - 30 Lacs 240 - 250 sqft 1 Lacs 30%

What makes you Different?

- Largest Network of Dermatoglyphics DMIT Reports
- Brainwonders Certified with ISO-9001-2008
- Certified with The Govt Of Ministry in SME Sector
- Only Company in the World to have an U.S. Patent Act for DMIT
- ISO Processd technically approved Service Backup
- UGC Recognised Certification training provided in DMIT

Product & Services

DMIT based Career,
IQ and psychometric tests
Professional counselling.

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Logistics Setup support Marketing and sales support Operational support


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2 - 30 Lacs


240 - 250 sqft

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0 Lacs

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1 Lacs

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