Celebrate Life | Franchise Cost – How to get, Contact, Apply, Fee

Celebrate Life | Franchise Cost – How to get, Contact, Apply, Fee Claimed

Established in 2016, 0 Franchisee currently

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• Celebrate Life is Bangalore based holistic wellness company providing full and comprehensive range of     beauty, slimming, laser, hair care and skin care services. • It is an established company in the industry of slimming & beauty with 2 successfully operations                 centers offering great beauty, slimming & laser services. • Expertise in handling skin & overweight problems with latest technology like noninvasive technique,         advance skin care and dermatological treatment done by the experts and Doctors.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 50 - 70 Lacs 1800 - 2200 sqft 5 Lacs 35%

What makes you Different?

• Usage of advanced technologies.
• Easily adaptable business.
• Attractive return on investment.
• Expert management.
• Hand holding by Founders.

Product & Services

Diverse Clientele: Serving both men and women with varied needs and health conditions.

Positive Outcomes: Clients partnering with us have experienced great results.

Satisfaction in Contribution: Finding immense satisfaction in contributing to the well-being of our clients.

Happy, Fitter, and Healthy Clients: Witnessing clients who leave our services feeling happy, fitter, and healthier.

Impactful Difference: Making a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Franchise Support

Brand License:
Providing the legal right to operate under the established brand.

Franchise Site Selection Assistance:
Guidance and support in selecting an optimal location for the franchise.

Site Architectural Assistance:
Assistance in developing and optimizing the architectural layout of the
franchise site.

Procurement of Instruments and Equipment:
Support in sourcing necessary instruments and equipment for the business.

Recruitment & Training Support:
Assistance in hiring and training personnel for the franchise.

Unique Standard Operating Procedures:
Establishing and implementing distinctive and effective operational processes.

Marketing Support:
Comprehensive support, including pre-launch sales planning, to boost the visibility and success of the franchise.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

50 - 70 Lacs


1800 - 2200 sqft

Brand Fee

5 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

5 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)




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