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Established in 1993, 150 Franchisee currently

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IIHT is a well known brand offering complete corporate training in IT services. Our deep expertise and 25+ years of experience in corporate training enable us to create training programs that deliver highly engaging, immersive learning experiences that ensure learning agility. With over 3,000+ courses to choose from and training delivery models that range from ILT, VILT, Self-Paced Learning to Hybrid Learning, IIHT offers customized training solutions that meet every clients learning objectives. We have been working with over 250 Fortune 500 companies and some of our partners include SAP, Volvo, HP, Accenture and Microsoft. We are looking for franchise partners to expand the brand worldwide. Depending on whether it's a tier 1 or tier 2 city; the brand fee, revenue and investment amount would have slight changes.

Learning with IIHT is to be a part of immerse and engaging learning experiences that strive to arrest learning dropoffs, by focusing on increased learner adoption and enhanced learning engagement leading to higher rates of completion. Ultimately this translates into positive business impact. Deliver on strategic business goals by building critical skills Realize the full value of technology investments Build a data-driven, digitally-fluent workforce High-impact skill development for all teams

Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 25 - 30 Lacs 1500 - 3500 sqft 5 Lacs 25%

Product & Services

Explore diverse IT courses encompassing a range of products and services.
Delve into topics such as AI, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Java, RHCE, ANSA, and more.
Gain comprehensive knowledge in various IT disciplines through specialized courses.

Franchise Support

Comprehensive support for promotion and marketing.
Assistance in developing course material and syllabus.
Training support for instructors and participants.
Assistance in setting up training facilities.
Support for various other related activities.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

25 - 30 Lacs


1500 - 3500 Sqft

Brand Fee

10 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

5 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)



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