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Established in 2023, 2 Franchisee currently

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At Joker Deck, we invite you to immerse yourself in a unique pub experience where the theme revolves around the enigmatic world of the joker. Our ambiance captures the essence of mischief and merriment, creating an atmosphere that is both playful and vibrant.   Here at Jokers Deck, we take pride in our carefully crafted menu, featuring an array of signature cocktails, a well-stocked bar, and pub-style delights. Every sip and bite at our establishment is an invitation to revel in the unexpected, just like the joker himself. Join us for a night of laughter, live entertainment, and an electric atmosphere. Whether it's a casual get-together, a celebration, or simply a night out with friends, Joker Deck Pub and Bar is your destination for a memorable experience. Come, be part of the madness, and let the joker within you come alive.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Pub and Bar 3 - 5 Cr 4000 - 6000 sqft 75 Lacs 50%

Product & Services

*Joker Deck Pub and Bar: A culinary haven with farm-fresh ingredients and signature masterpieces.
*Multi-cuisine menu: Italian, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani, and more.
Dive into a culinary journey with kababs, pasta, pizzas, and flavorful kulcha.
Fully stocked bar crafting perfect libations to enhance your experience.
*Jokers Deck is a stage for celebrations: live music events, cocktail parties, clubbing nights, anniversaries, birthdays,
and more.
Versatile venue for photo shoots, video shoots, and various activities.
Commitment to creating an atmosphere of mischief, merriment, and unforgettable moments.
Let the joker in you come alive at Jokers Deck Pub and Bar!

Franchise Support

We operate, manage and supervise the entire operations of the Project on daily basis. Our team is a fleet of qualified and experienced professionals. These services include:

Pre-opening Services
Project Feasibility Analysis.
In-depth study of the market.
Project Planning and Implementation Scheduling.
Technical Assistance.
Architect Brief.
Interior Design Brief.
Service & Kitchen Briefs.
Vendor Selection and Negotiations.
Post-Opening Services

Run and operate Project with their classified standard.
Managing the operations.
Preparation of cost and budget.
Review the performance with its stakeholders on regular basis.
Quarterly Service / System Audits
Restaurant Design and Implementation
Centralized Reservation


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

3 - 5 Cr


4000 - 6000 Sqft

Brand Fee

35 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

75 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)

12 %


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