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About Lens & Meds

India’s fastest-growing startup franchise in which serves fastest growing fields healthcare retail and eyewear Lens and Meds assist individuals who prefer to be self-employed, entrepreneurs, those wishing to establish a business, and established pharmacists struggling to get profits in achieving success in the pharmacy and eyewear business by assisting in the establishment of Lens and Meds and training them in making profits.

Eyewear Industry in India

The eyewear industry in India has today turned into one of the fastest growing retail sectors in the country. In 2016, the Indian eyewear market was estimated around Rs.8,400 crores and is projected to grow to Rs.12,600 crores in the coming years. So, taking advantage of the above exponential growth in the eyewear industry, entrepreneurs can start a Lens&Meds franchise to make use of franchise opportunities.


Quality & Stylish Glasses for all 8 billion.


Our mission to Provide Access to Quality glasses that don’t cost much
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 20 - 25 Lacs 400 - 500 sqft 2 Lacs 100%

What makes you Different?

Lens&Meds is India's First chain of Unique Optical showrooms where we are solving real eyecare problems.
We have more than 50 Plus years of Experience in Eyewear Industry
Lens&Meds has started Shop in Shop franchising after having detail research to get expertise in this segment.
Lens&Meds has complete infrastructure to support this business that includes frames procurement, supply chain, lens fitting and delivery, trouble shoot and after sales support
Lens&Meds has a large pool of resources such as Optometrists, Marketing team, Merchandisers, Developing Retail Store Managers, Area Managers, Data Analysts etc.,

Product & Services

Eyeglass Lenses:
Contact Lenses:
Eye Exams:
Medication Services:
Online Ordering:
Vision Care Products:
Health Information:
Telemedicine Services:

Franchise Support

~Logistics Support
~Billing Software
~CCTV Surveillance
~Regular Shuffling of stock
~No Dead Stock
~Testing Equipment
~Direct from Factory


Establishment Year


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Investment Size

20 - 25 lacs


400 Sqft

Brand Fee

1 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

2 Lacs

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