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An Introduction
Numero Uno Clothing Ltd. was established in 1987 under the leadership of CMD Mr. Narinder Singh Dhingra. Numero Uno is India’s first indigenously manufactured denim brand. Numero Uno, over the years, has managed to build a strong brand in an industry otherwise difficult to penetrate, and has created a special place for itself among all the global denim brands as well as Indian brands. Providing quality denim products at competitive prices while contributing to our society and environment has always been our mission & we can proudly say that we have been able to achieve this with great success. While we are deeply rooted in our ethics & quality denim practices, we are also committed to being dynamic, inclusive and ahead of the curve while upholding our core values of youthfulness, modernity, innovation and being significant & meaningful.

Product & Design
Our current offerings include Denims, trousers, shirts, T-shirts, jackets & knitwear for men along with accessories like belts, wallets, socks, deodorants and perfumes. Denims contribute to 30-40 % of total sales for the brand which has premium washes ranging from Rs 2,499 to Rs 4,299 as its bestselling product. Great product combined with great quality and a touch of belonging & nostalgia is what makes Numero Uno stand out.

New Brand Identity
In an ever-changing fashion landscape, Numero Uno recognizes the importance of staying relevant and setting trends rather than following them. The new identity & logo marks the brand's commitment to remaining youthful, connecting with the vibrant spirit of today's generation.
With a casual, modern, and innovative approach, Numero Uno promises to continue delivering quality denim wear that makes a statement in the fashion world. The brand's dedication to creating meaningful and purposeful fashion choices is central to its re-imagined identity.
Our new identity is not just limited to a symbol; it's a reflection of our dedication to crafting denim that embodies the spirit of the times while honoring our rich heritage. We understand that staying relevant and ahead of the time is not just a choice; it's a promise. It symbolizes our commitment to crafting fashion that speaks to the heart of our customers.
The new identity is reflected across all Numero Uno products, stores, and digital platforms, offering customers a fresh and contemporary experience. As Numero Uno re-imagines its world, it sets a new standard in denim fashion, embracing change and innovation to remain a leader in the industry.

Sustainable Practices
Sustainability is an attitude for Numero Uno, a way of doing things not just a marketing gimmick.  Almost a decade ago we partnered with Spanish company Jeanologia in our quest to sustainable ways of jeans production. Jeanologia has developed several technologies using renewable energy – light and air, to finish jeans using little water and no chemicals. We have also adopted their G2 ozone treatment technology which helps fade down indigo jeans without using chemicals like bleach and hypochlorite. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art ETP  installed at our production unit which cleans discharged water a 100% and operates on a Zero Liquid Discharge technology wherein water is completely recycled in the washing process with minimal discharge.   Using the technology mentioned above, our team of talented designers has launched a “water-less” jeans collection which is created using just one glass of water as against 300 litres (normal water consumption during jeans production) and reduced toxic chemicals in the laundry process keeping aesthetics and design intact. Today, a significant part of our production takes places using this technology ensuring significant reduction in water and chemical consumption.  

Presence and Expansion
  Today, Numero Uno is growing exponentially. We are opening stores all over India at a rapid rate. We have grown from 269 stores last year to almost 300+. Additionally, we are touching almost over 200 counters across the country at different LFS’ and SIS’. We hold a significant position in North, North-East, East and South India and plan to further expand to the western market of the country very soon.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
FOCO 20 - 30 Lacs 600 - 1000 sqft 6 - 25 Lacs 25%

What makes you Different?

Numero Uno is positioned as The Real Denim. The positioning on emphasizes the rich legacy & continuous premium quality denim promise. Since, we have been around in India’s denim scene for much longer than many of the competing brands, we understand the changing needs of Indian consumers pretty well. We have been constantly renovating the way we make denims to cater to the ever changing needs of people. However, one thing that has remained constant is the great fit & comfort that comes along with it.

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20 - 30 Lacs


600 - 1000 sqft

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6 - 25 Lacs

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