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Established in 2016, 23 Franchisee currently

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A Company that specializes In education, SkillCircle has made a name for Itself as a pioneer In the field of digital skill evolution with a major focus on financial Independence and Self-Employment for everyone.   SkillCircle’s Digital Marketing & Data Science course has taught more than 25000 Students across India. we encourage students to consider options other than traditional Job Paths. SkillCircle, headquarter at connaught place, Delhi, India, has experienced significant development and expansion since Its beginning In 2014. In addition, we broadened our horizons by offering online and offline classes abroad, as well as In 23 locations within India.

Our Story

SkillCircle was established by Shivam Ahuja, A visionary and achiever from a modest background In Delhi. While working effectively In a 9-5 Job, His talents to analyze critically and create Innovative solutions to real-world Issues discovered his calling. As a risk-taker, he chose to quit his work and pursue his great dreams. Shivam began his entrepreneurial career In September 2014 from a garage office In Delhi, and there has been no looking back since. however, It was his sharp and detailed observation of India persisting massive talent gap that Inspired the creation of SkillCircle. Today, SkillCircle Is climbing the ladder of success and achieving new heights with each passing day under his supervision and guidance. With SkillCircle’s success stories of transforming many lives, Shivam has carved a niche for himself In the new age skill development Industry.  

SkillCircle Role

  *Trained 5000+ Learners"   *Our Students Got Placed In Microsoft & Google"   *100+ Students Started Their Own Company"   *Onboarded 100+ Mentors From Companies Like- Google, Microsoft, OYO, VCommission.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
FOFO 20 - 30 Lacs 2000 - 5000 sqft 10 Lacs 500%

What makes you Different?

*Innovation: SkillCircle constantly evolves its strategies and adapts to changing digital trends. Franchisees benefit from
cutting-edge techniques and technologies that keep them ahead of the curve.

*Strong Brand: SkillCircle has built a strong reputation in the digital marketing industry. Franchisees leverage this
established brand to attract clients and build trust.

*Flexibility: The franchise model allows for flexibility in terms of business structure. Franchisees can choose to operate
as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or even as part of a larger agency.

*High Earning Potential: Digital marketing is a high-demand industry, and SkillCircle franchisees have the potential to
earn a substantial income by offering in-demand services to businesses of all sizes.

Product & Services

1.Digital Marketing
2. Data science
3. Design UI/UX
4. Freelancing
5. Data Analytics

Franchise Support

*Marketing and Advetisment
*Lead Generation
*SOP guidelines
*Tools & LMS
*comprehensive training program,
*cutting-edge resources,
*ongoing support to ensure the success of each franchisee.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

20 - 30 Lacs


2000 - 5000 sqft

Brand Fee

15 Lac

Monthly Expected Sales

8 - 10 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)



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