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Established in 2018, 10 Franchisee currently

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Studio99 is a brand of Brewbakes Hospitality & Sons Private Limited. From its establishment till today, all it meant for revolutionizing beauty industry via empowering on-going generation. This compelled Studio99 to become the most admired beauty salon & spa chain in India.   Studio99- an oasis of affordable salon and spa services, believes in revolutionizing the beauty industry via providing hair care, skin care and spa treatments not only to opulent of metropolis but to the commoners of small cities.   Delineating the new dimensions to the trend of unisex salons in India, Studio99 with its franchises partners, valiantly contributes towards financial independence of individuals and economic growth of nation. We see further to create a splendid world of beauty & wellness with a blend of quality products, exemplary service and a team of experts.   Go ahead and relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself!   Studio99 – Unisex Salons & Spa A journey from Coffee Shop Chain to Events Management Company to Studio99 Salons. Studio99 is a new venture of Brewbakes which is one of the leading coffee shop chains in India. Our first venture of coffee shop franchise was established in 2013. After the successful establishments of coffee shop chain with 52+ operational outlets and 38 outlets in pipeline, a new venture of Brewbakes Events & Weddings was started in 2015. Brewbakes Events & Weddings has successfully planned and executed destinations weddings, corporate events, wedding events, seminars and religious events.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 20 - 45 Lacs 300 - 3000 sqft 2 Lacs 80%

Product & Services

Hair services
Skin services
Body services
Bridal services
Spa services
Nail art

Franchise Support

Comprehensive Training and Support:
Extensive training provided throughout the entire process, covering pre-opening, post-opening, and ongoing outlet management.

Marketing and Promotion:
Strategic marketing and promotion services to enhance brand visibility and attract customers.

Digital Marketing Expertise:
Utilization of digital marketing tools and strategies to promote the brand effectively in the online space.

Pre-launch Promotion and Support:
Dedicated support and promotional activities leading up to the launch to create anticipation and generate buzz.

Interior and Furniture Setup Support:
Assistance and support in the setup of interior design and furniture, ensuring a cohesive and appealing outlet.

Software Implementation and Support:
Implementation of necessary software tools for streamlined operations, with ongoing technical support.

Manpower Management:
Support in managing manpower, from recruitment to training, ensuring a well-trained and efficient staff.

Emergency Staff Hiring:
Quick response and assistance in emergency staff hiring situations to maintain operational continuity.

Meticulous Staff Training:
Detailed and meticulous training programs for staff members to ensure high-quality service and operational efficiency.

Ongoing Support and Training:
Continuous support and training programs to keep staff updated on industry trends and maintain a high level of service.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

20 - 45 Lacs


300 - 3000 Sqft

Brand Fee

2 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

2 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)




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