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Established in 2019, 1 Franchise currently

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Trysan Global Connect (TGC) stands as a dynamic enterprise actively involved in the trading and retail distribution of plastic consumer goods and groceries. Our strategic vision involves the establishment of a robust presence in the market through the recruitment of TGC Mini Mall Franchise partners. These miniature retail stores are designed to be versatile, making them suitable for deployment in various locations, ensuring accessibility for a diverse consumer base.   As part of our commitment to fostering success for our franchise partners, Trysan Global Connect offers a comprehensive support system. Franchisees will benefit from the convenience of receiving all inventory directly from us, streamlining the operational process and minimizing the complexities associated with sourcing products independently. In a bid to enhance the profitability of our franchise partners, we have set a standard practice of providing products at an average discount of 25% from the marked price. This strategic pricing approach not only attracts customers but also ensures that franchisees can achieve a competitive edge in their respective markets.   By opting for a TGC Mini Mall Franchise, entrepreneurs have the flexibility to establish their retail stores in locations that best align with their business strategy and target demographic. This adaptability is a key feature of our franchise model, empowering partners to cater to the specific needs of their local communities.   Furthermore, at Trysan Global Connect, we understand the importance of sustained growth and mutual success. Therefore, in addition to providing inventory and pricing advantages, we offer ongoing support and guidance to our franchise partners. This includes assistance with store setup, operational training, and marketing strategies to help maximize the potential of each Mini Mall.   In essence, the TGC Mini Mall Franchise program is not just about retail; it's about building a network of successful entrepreneurs who share our vision for delivering quality plastic consumer goods and groceries to communities far and wide. Join Trysan Global Connect in this exciting venture, and let's work together to create thriving retail hubs that contribute to the economic vibrancy of diverse locales.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 18 - 25 Lacs NA 7 Lacs 65%

Product & Services

A retail supermarket specializing in the sale of a comprehensive range of groceries and plastic consumer goods.

Franchise Support

Store setup assistance
Inventory supply management
Staff recruitment and training support
Marketing and advertising assistance
Product delivery facilitation
Technical support services
Billing infrastructure support


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Investment Size

18 - 25 Lacs



Brand Fee

5 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

7 Lacs

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