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Established in 2006, 100 Franchises currently

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The journey from 2006 to the present has been an exciting and challenging one for Thanco's. Starting with a modest turnover of 1 lakh in 2006, we have grown to achieve a multi-crore turnover today. From a single franchise outlet in 2009, we now boast more than 70 stores across India. This remarkable growth would not have been possible without your support.   With your continuous support, we are confident in reaching the milestone of 1000 stores and beyond. As a major player in the Natural Ice Cream segment, we are increasingly posing a significant threat to both major international and national ice cream brands. Our wide range of nature-inspired variants sets us apart, making it nearly impossible for mass-market players to compete with us in this competitive world.   Credit is due to Mr. Raghavendra K. Thane, whose vision and resilience in facing challenges have propelled us to success in today's fiercely competitive market. His commitment to providing nature's gifts to people has not only created employment opportunities but has also inspired many young entrepreneurs. Mr. Thane's innovative business approach has encouraged other proprietary business holders to consider the potential of the ice cream industry.   Thanco's, based in Bangalore, takes pride in being the only company from the city that supplies ice cream to global destinations using state-of-the-art techniques. Our factory in Bangalore ensures timely delivery across India through specialized cold storage logistics, guaranteeing the freshness of our products.   Recognizing that health-conscious consumers also prioritize the environment they visit, our outlets are meticulously designed with a state-of-the-art aesthetic and maintained to the highest hygiene standards, offering both comfort and a royal experience.   In the days to come, expect to see Thanco's in every niche location, dominating the major segments of the ice cream industry.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 10 - 20 Lacs 100 - 1000 sqft 2 Lacs 150%

Product & Services

Since 2006, Thanco’s Natural Ice-Cream has maintained its commitment to providing 100% healthy ice cream.
Crafted with pure fresh milk, sugar, and natural seasonal fruits.
Passionate dedication to serving the best quality ice cream to customers.
Quality-conscious team handpicks natural fruits and ingredients.
Stringent monitoring at every stage of manufacturing to ensure the highest product quality.

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Investment Size

10 - 20 Lacs


100 - 1000 Sqft

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2 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

2 Lacs

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