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The Studs - Sports Bar and Grill is a high end sports bar concept by Ambros World Foods, a well established Indian F&B firm which is engaged in creating, executing, managing and nurturing great concept restaurants. The Ultra High End Sports Bar concept is currently present commonly in the UK and Ambros World Foods brings this concept into the Indian market, a market with a strong sport fan base. The Studs enhances the sports bar experience with high quality food and premium alcohol. We are also official partners of several UK Football Clubs. We currently have 4 such outlets and have served over 1,00,000+ lakh guests clocking revenues of over INR 6 cr. in 12 months. We have received significant media attention with coverage from 25+ media houses and have strong ratings with an average rating of 4.8 / 5 across all review platforms. We primarily franchise under the FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model. Our management team brings together over 25+ years of International F&B experience across the fields of finance, operations, food, systems and franchising. We will support the franchise partner every step of the way from setup and will handle all operations of the outlet to ensure quality of service and a breakeven period of 2.5 years. We are seeking franchise investors who are willing to invest around INR 1.1 cr. The total investment is only INR 75 lakh and the remaining amount is towards the licenses and a refundable deposit (INR 20 lakh). This amount includes the liquor license which we will help the investor secure.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 2 - 2.5 Cr 2000 - 3000 sqft 40 Lacs 30%

Product & Services

1. Ultra High-End Sports Bar Experience: The Studs offers a luxurious sports bar experience, previously common in the UK, now introduced in the Indian market. Patrons can enjoy the thrill of sports events in a sophisticated and upscale setting.
2. Premium-Quality Food: The menu at The Studs features high-quality food, including a range of appetizers, main courses, and delectable snacks. Dishes are carefully crafted to enhance the overall dining experience.
3. Top-Tier Alcoholic Beverages: The bar offers a wide selection of premium alcoholic beverages, ensuring that guests can enjoy their favorite drinks in style. An extensive drinks menu complements the sports viewing experience.
4. Official Partnerships with UK Football Clubs: As official partners of various UK Football Clubs, The Studs creates an immersive sports environment. Patrons can feel the excitement and energy of the game while watching their favorite teams.
5. Successful Outlets: The Studs has a proven track record with four successful outlets in operation. Guests can trust the brand's consistency in delivering a premium sports bar experience.
6. Extensive Media Coverage: The establishment has received extensive media coverage from 25+ reputable media houses. This media attention highlights the brand's popularity and success.
7. High Customer Satisfaction: The Studs boasts an impressive average rating of 4.8/5 across all review platforms. This rating reflects the high level of satisfaction among patrons.
8. Franchise Opportunities (FOCO Model): The Studs offers franchise opportunities to investors. The FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model ensures a strong partnership with franchisees.

Franchise Support

MANAGEMENT & OPERATIONS We operate, manage and supervise the entire operations of the Project daily. Our team is a fleet of qualified and experienced professionals. These services include: Pre-opening Services Project Feasibility Analysis. In-depth study of the market. Project Planning and Implementation Scheduling. Technical Assistance. Architect Brief. Interior Design Brief. Service & Kitchen Briefs. Vendor Selection and Negotiations. Post-Opening Services Run and operate Projects with their classified standard. Managing the operations. Preparation of cost and budget. Review the performance with its stakeholders on a regular basis. Quarterly Service / System Audits Restaurant Design and Implementation Centralized Reservation


Establishment Year


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Investment Size

2 - 2.5 Cr


2000 - 3000 sqft

Brand Fee

30 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

40 Lacs

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