The Swiss Laundry | Franchise Cost – How to get, Contact, Apply, Fee

The Swiss Laundry | Franchise Cost – How to get, Contact, Apply, Fee Claimed

Established in 2013, 15 Franchisee currently

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The Swiss laundry opened with the first franchise in Kolkata in the year 2013. What started as a small business to change the scenery of laundry service, has now spread its roots to other cities of India a well. Apart from its franchise in Kolkata, the Swiss Laundry also provides its services to selected locations in Nasik, Kolhapur, Bhubaneswar, Pune. In these cities as well, we deliver our promise of providing premium service in the laundry and dry cleaning sectors.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Central Work Shop 50 - 60 Lacs 850 - 900 sqft 40 Lacs 75%
Collection Center 3 - 4 Lacs 100 - 150 sqft 90 Lacs 100%

What makes you Different?

Advanced Tech:
Unique Hydrocarbon and Perchloroethylene solvents for superior stain removal.

Delicate Care:
Specialized hydrocarbon-based dry cleaning preserves fabric integrity and prevents shrinkage.

Diverse Services:
Wet cleaning, ornamental care, ironing, starching, and express wash options available.

Fashion Collaboration:
Works with designers to preserve the original condition of purchased apparel.

Strategic Growth:
Since 2013, expanded strategically with franchise program and nationwide plans.

Product & Services

1) Dry Cleaning
2) Wet Cleaning
3) Ornamental Cleaning
4) Pressing / Ironing
5) Express wash

Franchise Support

Support for High-Growth Business - The Swiss Laundry:

Proven Business Model:
Established and successful framework.
Track record of delivering consistent returns.

Expertise Assistance:
Access to seasoned professionals.
Guidance from industry experts.

Growing Industry:
Positioned in a thriving and expanding market.
Capitalizing on current and future industry trends.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name

Central Work Shop

Investment Size

50 - 60 Lacs


850 - 900 sqft

Brand Fee

5 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

40 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)




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