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Established in 2013, 100 Franchisee currently

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Ours is a tale of two brothers, Yeshwanth and Ashwin, who set out on a culinary expedition across Europe. While on their journey, they stumbled across a few too many habitants of the land sipping on shakes and beverages with such joy, that they completely disregarded their surroundings. Rumour has it that Godzilla tore down half the city around them A feeling rushed past the brothers like a Deccan wind on a winter night. “Why shouldn’t our people feel the same glee?” said one. The rest is mouth watering history. We opened our doors in the winter of 2013 to Hyderabad, little did we expect the whole city would be pouring in! Just a little over 8 years later, we have the world sipping on awesomeness!   The ThickShake Factory is a Hyderabad based premium thickshake brand and is the first of its kind in India. The raw materials and ice creams used have been developed through extensive R&D and is manufactured solely in our Hyderabad unit to ensure the best quality. We are also the only milkshake brand to manage our value chain end to end. We are trying to be for thickshakes what a Starbucks is for coffee and currently have 81 outlets across India including 1 in California. We wish to further strengthen our footprint by franchising.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 24 - 30 Lacs 400 - 1000 sqft 7 Lacs 28%

Product & Services

Ice Tea
Cold Coffee
Bubble Tea

Franchise Support

Consistent Product Quality:
Implement stringent quality control measures to ensure uniform product quality.

Supply Chain Management:
Establish an efficient supply chain for seamless procurement and distribution.

Raw Material Supply:
Maintain a reliable network for the timely and consistent supply of raw materials.

Staff Training:
Conduct regular training sessions to enhance staff skills and ensure service excellence.

Online Sales Tracking:
Implement a robust system for tracking store sales online in real-time.

Detailed Analytics for Online Orders:
Utilize analytics tools to gather detailed insights into online order patterns and customer preferences.

Tie-Up with Swiggy:
Establish a strategic partnership with Swiggy for efficient and widespread delivery services.


Establishment Year


No. of Outlets


Model/Format Name


Investment Size

24 - 30 Lacs


400 - 1000 Sqft

Brand Fee

8 Lacs

Monthly Expected Sales

7 Lacs

ROI (in %)


Royalty/Commission (in %)



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