Basic Franchise Listing Plan

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Introducing our Basic Franchise Listing Plan – an essential tool to elevate your franchise presence and boost your business growth! This comprehensive plan is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for showcasing your franchise on our platform and connecting with potential leads seamlessly. Key Features:
  1. Profile Activation on Website: Get ready to make a splash in the franchise world! Your franchise profile will be activated on our website, instantly increasing your online visibility and opening doors to a wider audience.
  2. Professional Profile with Dashboard: Impress potential investors with a polished and professional franchise profile. Easily manage and update your information through a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring that your brand is always presented at its best.
  3. Live Statistics: Stay in the know with real-time statistics about your profile's performance. Track views, interactions, and more to refine your marketing strategy and maximize your franchise's exposure.
  4. Instantly Get Contact Details on Your Verified Mail: Don't miss out on any opportunity! Receive contact details of interested leads directly to your verified email, ensuring prompt and efficient communication to take your conversations to the next level.
  5. Direct Chat Feature with Potential Leads Through Your Inbox: Forge meaningful connections with potential franchisees through our direct chat feature. Engage in real-time conversations, answer queries, and build relationships that drive business success.
  6. Lead Generation: Turbocharge your franchise expansion with our lead generation capabilities. We'll help you identify and connect with individuals genuinely interested in joining your franchise family.
  7. Social Media Marketing: Leverage the power of social media to amplify your franchise presence. Our plan includes social media marketing initiatives to extend your reach and engage with a broader audience across various platforms.
  8. Can Upload Images (Up to 3): A picture is worth a thousand words! Showcase your franchise visually by uploading up to three high-quality images, giving potential investors a captivating glimpse into your brand.
Don't miss out on the opportunities that await your franchise. Choose our Basic Franchise Listing Plan today and take the first step towards unlocking a world of growth and success!