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Energia Wellbeing is a Mumbai-based startup India certified venture, established in September 2011. Energia works in collaboration with US-based cognitive development Product Company with exclusive rights to offer services and products in South East Asia, Middle East, India and Indian subcontinent. Energia was started with an aim to offer services in the Education Sector, and as on date has the honor of working with 950+ education centers in 92 cities with 750+ schools and 50,000+ students. Our professional team includes 70 plus well-rounded mix of people from different walks of life like management consultants, HR professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, and business strategic management teams. We engage clients across multiple sectors, ranging from educational institutes to corporate. We provide end-to-end scientifically designed solutions using applications of Preventive, Positive and Developmental Psychology and specialize in the use of highly advanced Psychometric Evaluations. We also enable the delivery of mandates via sophisticated technology platforms. Energia SOI (Structure of Intellect) runs one of the most Advanced Cognitive Development Programs in the globe that benefits the schooling population. We are committing to the cause of systematically eliminating learning failures. We work with every type of student in every learning situation – parents, students, teachers, individuals, special education instructors, tutors, and more. Our focus is always on the learners and what we can do to make them successful. We are the only cognitive development program that works on developing 90 different cognitive abilities among children. We have pioneered this concept and hence have no competition. We invite passionate Edupreneurs who are keen to offer a premium cognitive development program. The franchise partner should have an active student-base and have staff from the education field, who can be trained and internationally certified to implement the SOI program. We are willing to provide training, operational and technical support.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 50 - 1 Cr 0 - 0 sqft 26 Lacs 40%

Product & Services

SOI offers tools and materials needed to help students who are struggling, challenge those who are gifted and give everyone a solid foundation to be successful in one’s academic career. We have a cognitive development program for kids in the age group of 4-16. Program for each child comes customized to help them meet their individual developmental needs. We have programs under four categories: 1) For Gifted Learners. 2) For Aspirational Learners. 3) For Learning Deficient Learners. 4) For Career Oriented Learners.

Franchise Support

Following are the services that will be provided as part of this association: 1) Registration: All our associates have to register online with Energia SOI. This is a 3 step process and is used to maintain the client’s profile, list their active centers (where Energia SOI program is executed) and will provide access to a plethora of online services. 2) Training: We provide product training on an e-learning platform. Individual user-ids will be provided to each trainee. They shall be assigned a Certified SOI Learning Specialist to answer their queries. 3) Client Business Management System: Associates are provided with access to online Client Business Management System, which enables them to access their accounts and maintain their business. Energia SOI units can be purchased online via bank transfers or online transactions. 4) Report Processing: All Energia SOI units are uploaded online and Reports / training materials processed are made available for download at the same location. 5) Program Progression Tracking: Each student’s profile is created online once the score file is uploaded for report processing. These profiles are then used to maintain the progression of respective student's programs on the system. It gives a clear indication of the program completion date, percentage of completion and captures individual session details. These details are then analyzed and a comprehensive report provided for the parents / teachers which shows the progress of the student at each ability. 6) Technical support: Each associate will be assigned to a technical expert. All program-related queries can be directed to our expert for a quick resolution and support. 7) Operational Support: Franchise partner will be provided with the operational support from our teams during Indian office hours. All the operations related queries and concerns will be addressed. This team will also provide the required IT support. All our systems are on cloud-based architecture and are available 24 x 7.


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0.5 - 1 Cr


0 - 0 sqft

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13 Lacs

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26 Lacs

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