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Established in 2007, 30 Franchisee currently

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KAZO, the brand, is under the directorship of Mr. Deepak Aggarwal and its parent company is B.L.International having the turn over of USD 25 Million. The garments designed were phenomenally fashionable with a high wear ability and practicality quotient.   We have set up design studios in Spain, Paris, London, Milan and also we have a very huge design studio in Delhi. The Kazo Designers follows the major fashion runways of Milan, Paris, London where the genesis of the seeds of inspiration takes place and the collection conjoined which confirms that Kazo is no behind any International Brand.   Kazo is a young brand and has launched its first showroom in India on 07.07.07. In such a span of one and half year we opened 18 stores in pan India and One in Amsterdam, that shows the brand has been developed so fast that its always compared with the biggest brands like Zara, Mango, Promod in India.
Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 30 - 35 Lacs 600 - 1000 sqft 4 Lacs 55%

Product & Services

Global Design Studios:
Established design studios in prominent fashion hubs: Spain, Paris, London, Milan, and Delhi.
The presence of a substantial design studio in Delhi.

Fashion Runway Influence:
Kazo Designers closely track major fashion runways in Milan, Paris, and London.
The genesis of inspiration occurs at these influential fashion events.

International Inspiration:
Kazo's collections are a fusion of inspirations from global fashion capitals.
A commitment to aligning with international fashion standards.

Recognition as an International Brand:
The confluence of diverse design influences affirms Kazo's position as a brand on par with international standards.

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30 - 35 Lacs


600 - 1000 Sqft

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4 Lacs

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