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Founded in the year 2003 with 17 products and unlimited dreams, the company was started with the mission of producing quality skincare products that are 100% botanical, vegan & cruelty free! After an extensive 7 years of research & clinical trials the company opened its sale to professional beauty therapists & salons across India. After the upright response from the professionals, company decided to expand the product line & also modified its clientele from salon professionals to direct buyers / Retailers & importers.

In the year 2011; VÔTRE decided to open up to direct buyers but with ‘atypical approach’ hence the medium of online shopping was chosen to reach direct buyers. Today VÔTRE is a proud principal skincare provider to some internationally acclaimed salons, spas, online shopping channels & retail chains in India & abroad with a wide range of more then 100 products in its profile.

Our brand has grown virtually every year on the key principles: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. This technologically advanced, innovative company has gained reputation for elegance, luxury & superior quality.


All good things begin with a vision! Our co-founders of Trumount Cosmoceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Jaideep Khurana & Amrita Khurana had a vision that the company must be an evolved company committed to the future of the world of beauty. Without sacrificing on quality & safety, Trumount will bring to its consumer what they are looking for- an effective & safe product! The company constantly keeps abreast of trends to fulfill the goal of accommodating the changing needs of the consumers.


We are a growth company and our mission is to keep expanding by taking our brands to new geographies & best retail opportunities & creating must have products. In order to uphold this mission our most important values are, to be innovative, to aim for product excellence, and to create and build strong brands.

“The customer is always at the center of our thinking.“


Researched & Developed in association with ace-laboratories in France & Tokyo; VÔTRE has always harnessed ingredients both rare & Effective, with cutting edge Bio- Technology & patented molecules and finest Botanical Extracts & Blends. Certified by PETA; an ISO 9001: 2008 company, all VÔTRE products are clinically tested, Dermatological approved & 100% effective & safe! Also, Certified by “BUAV” London, for “HUMANE COSMETIC STANDARDS” , VÔTRE has made its mark as the ONLY INDIAN SKIN CARE BRAND to be certified by CRUELTY INTERNATIONAL for its contribution towards quality, efficacy and safety. Our brand has grown virtually every year on the key principles: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. This technologically advanced, innovative company has gained reputation for elegance, luxury & superior quality.

Unit Name Investment Space Ex. Monthly Sales ROI
Single 10 - 20 Lacs 100 - 300 sqft 2 Lacs 66%

Product & Services

Botanical Gel Cleansor - Pore Balancing:

Achieve optimal skin balance with our Botanical Gel Cleansor, specifically formulated to address and balance pores for a refined complexion.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - White Essence Brightening:

Illuminate your skin with our White Essence Brightening Cleansor, harnessing the power of botanicals to promote a radiant and even-toned complexion.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - 3 in 1:

Experience the versatility of our 3-in-1 Cleansor, providing comprehensive cleansing benefits for a refreshed and revitalized skin feel.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - Purifying Facewash:

Immerse yourself in the purifying properties of our Botanical Gel Cleansor, now available as a Facewash, for a deeply cleansed and refreshed face.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - White Essence Brightening Facewash:

Unveil a brighter complexion with our White Essence Brightening Facewash, an extension of our botanical gel cleansor range for luminous and refreshed skin.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - White Essence Brightening Toner:

Complement your skincare routine with our White Essence Brightening Toner, designed to enhance the brightening effects of our botanical gel cleansor.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - Advance Pore Minimising Toner 'Hydra Mist':

Experience the refreshing mist of our Advance Pore Minimising Toner, combining advanced pore care with a hydrating mist for a revitalizing effect.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - After Sun Face Mist:

Soothe and replenish your skin post-sun exposure with our After Sun Face Mist, a botanical infusion for a calming and hydrating experience.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - Botanical Toning Mist:

Indulge in the botanical goodness of our Toning Mist, offering a refreshing and nourishing boost to your skincare regimen.
Botanical Gel Cleansor - Refining Toner:

Experience refined skincare with our Refining Toner, a botanical gel cleansor extension designed to perfect and balance your skin tone.

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10 - 20 Lacs


100 - 300 Sqft

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10 Lacs

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2 Lacs

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